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Hey Guys!

Hope you are all having a great week so far! I've been doing the happy dance all day because it's Wednesday and I have a great rest of the week planned.

Today: Getting my hair dyed back to dark brown, yahhh! Can't wait!
Thursday: Babysitting the cutest puppy, all night. Pizza & Movie night for Pat and I 

Friday: Pre-Wedding family dinner
Saturday: A day filled of doing a lot of hair and makeup and then finally my cousins wedding!

Now back to the point of this post...
Just reminding you all that our giveaway closes on this coming Monday(Sept 3rd)! So if you haven't entered yet and want a chancing at winning some pretty amazing products then enter HERE!



Top 5: Lip Products!

Hi guys!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was far from fantastic because I still can't seem to get rid of this cold. But I still had some time to go out with the girls on Friday night and have a date night with Pat on Saturday. We saw the new Will Farrell movie "The Campaign"  I've always been a huge fan of his movies, Stepbrothers is one of my all time favourites and I could probably quote the entire movie so I was really hoping this movie would be just as funny. Let me say that if you enjoyed Stepbrothers, Anchorman and all of those types of movies then you'll LOVE The Campaign. Hilarious.

*Skip to hear if you don't want to hear me ramble on about my weekend and just want the review :)*

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing a "Top 5 Series". It's going to feature posts on some of my favorite lip products,nail,eyeshadow, blushes and more! Hope you guys enjoy it! First up we have lip products...

Revlon Lip Butter in "Peach Parfait"
I love all of the lip butters from Revlon but this one is probably my favorite. It's been my go-to lip color all summer. It's the perfect coral-pinky shade and makes your lips feel so moisturized and smooth.

MAC "Plink"
You're probably thinking "Is she seriously talking about plink again!"... but it really is just one of my favorites. It's one of those shades that you can just quickly put on and not have to worry about. It's also one of their Lustre's which means it will glide onto your lips so smoothly and it almost looks like you have a gloss on over top. A close dupe for this shade is Revlon's "Pedal"
Revlon Lip Butter in "Strawberry Shortcake"
When I first bought this lip butter I used it once and didn't pick it up for a while after that. I just didn't think I could pull off the bright baby pink look. But I've learned to completely love this lip butter, like the peach parfait it goes on so smoothly and moisturizing. I also find that this particular lip butter lasts longer than the other ones I've tried.
Revlon Kissable Lip Stain in "Romantic"
I'm starting to realize that Revlon might just be my favourite brand when it comes to lip products...I was  a little beyond excited to get my hands on a few of these lip stains and they did not disappoint. This one in romantic is the perfect red for someone who is a little uneasy with a solid red lip(like me). It has a slight sheen to it and a bit of a glossy...these lip stains are great!
MAC "Lovelorn"
This shade looks similar to the Strawberry Shortcake lip butter but this one by MAC is a bit more on the true pink side. This is a great shade for summer and it's also a Lustre(my favourite MAC finish) so it's very moisturizing.

Come back later this week for a look at my top 4 favourite eyeshadows!
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Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

Hi Everyone!
When I was in the states a few weeks ago for Pat's hockey scout camp, I picked up this foundation from Neutrogena after reading so many positive reviews on it. Now after trying it I see what all the hype is about. This foundation is great especially for the summer with a SPF 20 and the beautiful glow it gives to your skin. Once I put this onto my skin I instantly noticed it light up and look more awake and healthy just like it says. It goes on very light and soaks into the skin so you barely even know it's there. At the same time it gives wonderful coverage. This product also blends so well and easy into the skin, It's really becoming one of my favourites. My shade is in the colour Nude 40

My skin isn't overly oily but after about 5 hours of having my foundation on in the summer, my skin does become oily and I'll always have to apply a powder of some sort. With the healthy skin foundation and a little bit of setting powder I found it to not get as oily as it usually would. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that the staying power isn't as good as some others but because I'm so in love with this foundation and the way it looks on my skin, all of the pros totally knock out this one little con. 
Pros: SPF 20, beautiful glow,very moisturizing,blends very well,great coverage
Cons: Starts wearing off after 4-5 hours,not good for someone with oily skin, bottle is annoying to get product out of.

Would I recommend this? yes! 
Would I repurchase this again? 100% yes, If only I could find it in Canada!

So what do you think? Would you try this foundation? If you have already tried it, what did you think?


Amusing August Blog Hop: Week 3!

Chasing Birdies

Hosted & Co-Hosted by

I'm linking up with these lovely ladies for Amusing August week 3! This weeks topic is...

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
So many come to mind when I think of my guilty pleasures, some embarrassing but here we go!

1. Chips & Salsa
I seriously could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That picture is making me real hungry!
2. Keeping up with the Kardashians 
Probably my most embarrassing guilty pleasure but I'll keep watching this as long as it's on TV. I've seen every episode, so what! 
3. Hockey
Being a Canadian girl this probably isn't a huge shocker but I really do love the sport. Pat and I watch the games religiously and I try and convert him over from the Colorado Avalanche to the Vancouver Canucks(still unsuccessful, even though he knows deep down the Canucks are a better team:)  )

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Join the Hop!


100th Follower Giveaway!!

Ok so I know Monday's are usually a drag but hopefully this will make your Monday morning a little bit better! I am so beyond excited to tell you all what myself and Amanda Mae from Southern Glamourista have been planning for a little while now. We both have reached 100 GFC followers and are so so thankful to everyone that has left such sweet comments and has taken time out of their day to read our posts, that we want to show our appreciation by doing a giveaway!

*One winner will be picked on September 3rd,2012*

Rules to enter
  • You have to be a GFC follower of both blogs
  • You must live within Canada or the United States (sorry to our international readers!)
  • You must leave a comment on both blogs
  • If under the age of 18, you must have permission from a parent before entering
Ok now for the fun stuff... the prizes! 
From myself we have...(I picked out some of my favourite products)
 Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Punch"
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in "Doll Face"
Bath & Body Works lotion in "Twilight Woods"
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour bronzer in "Park ave Princess"
Revlon nail polish in "Fuchsia Fever"
Ombre necklace made by myself!

And now the wonderful items from Amanda Mae...
Benefits The Pretty Committee 4 piece kit
-Bella, Bamba blush
-Stay Don't Stray Primer
-Eye Bright Stick
-High Beam Highlighter 
Stila Lip Glaze Trio 

Again we just are both so thankful and we just wanted to show you guys how much we really appreciate everything. 

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DIY: Delicate Ombre Necklace

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so happy the weekend is finally here! I have a weekend full of catching up with friends and family and relaxing/trying to get over this silly cold that just doesn't want to go away...who gets a cold in the summer?!? I do apparently... 
Anyways! A few years ago I started making jewellery mostly earrings and necklaces and I always found it so relaxing to do while watching TV or just sitting around with friends. Lately I've gotten back into it and made this (super easy) ombre necklace that looks so cute by it's self or layered with other delicate necklaces. This is very easy to make and most supplies can be found at your local craft store or even Walmart. Enjoy!
Tools: Beads, wire, thin chain, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, and flat end pliers(I couldn't find mine so I had to improvise)
Step 1: Cut your chain with the wires cutters to your desired length. If you're not planning on adding clasps and would just rather be able to slip it over your head then I would recommend cutting the chain at around 22" which is what I did.
Step 2: Next cut a piece of wire to about 3" because we want it a bit longer so you have some room to work with.
Step 3: Feed the piece of wire through the end link on the chain.
Step 4: Wrap the wire around your needle nose pliers leaving some extra room on the end.
Step 5: Using the flat end pliers close the loop as tight as it will go to ensure it does not come off the chain. After loop is closed, cut the extra wire off the end OR wrap around the wire.
Step 6: Feed on the beads that you have picked out, I chose to do a deep purple ombre look which I love!
Step 7: Repeat steps 4&5 on other end of wire and you are complete! (If you decided to use clasps then you would cut the chain at the top and attach the clasp)
If you ended up trying this DIY out then tweet me a picture because I would love to see it! (@beautybyttwo) Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


TAG: My most worn things!

Hi everyone! 

I've been seeing this tag go around and have really enjoyed reading everyone's so I thought it would be fun to do as well!

1) Most worn nail polish?
It would probably have to be either a pale pink color or mint, I love the way they both look with a tan!

2) Most worn hair product?
This stuff is seriously amazing and has been a life saver for years! I put a pump of the Marrakesh oil on the ends of my hair when its damp and it helps my hair look healthy and smooth. My sister and mom swear by this product also! I also like it a lot better than all of the other expensive oils I've tried.
3) Most worn bag?
To be honest I really don't have a favorite bag right now. I've been on the hunt for one I really like for so long but I just can't find one. For the longest time my favorite bag was my Coach large Hobo bag but I'm just not a huge fan of the oversize bags anymore because I hate rummaging threw it to try and find something! As of right now this is the bag I've been using a lot. I got it from H&M on sale for $15! Great deal!
4) Most worn shoes? Tan Steve Madden flats
Love these shoes, they go so well with so many things and I know I'll be living in these come the fall!
5) Most worn accessories?Michael Kors large runway glitz watch
I wear this watch more than any other accessory I own. I love layering it up with some other bangles or just wearing it by itself, It really pulls the whole outfit together.
6) Most worn summer clothing item? White Lace dress
I got this dress last year at Forever 21 and it's been a regular in my summer clothing wardrobe. I love the open cuts on the back and the lace detailing. This dress also looks great with a cute light wash jean jacket.
7) Most worn foundation?Chanel vita aqua
Can not say enough good things about this foundation! It is seriously like liquid skin... ok that sounds kind of gross but you know what I mean! It feels like you're not even wearing foundation but it gives the most beautiful coverage. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive!!
8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer? Benefit's Coralista
You guys have heard me talk about this blush so many times! It's always my go to summer blush because it gives the most beautiful glow without being to shimmery. The coral shade looks so great with tanned summer skin! I have a review on this if you want to check it out here 
9) Most worn lip product? MAC "plink" or Revlon "petal"
I can't decide between these two. They're both pretty similar with a nice nude baby pink shade that looks very moisturizing on the lip also. I think I've repurchased Revlon's Petal at least 3 times because I love it that much!
10) Most worn mascara? Makeup Forever Smokey Lash
So if you asked me this a month ago I would of hands down said Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara but as of the past month my most worn mascara has got to be MUF Smokey Lash. It makes your lashes look so full and define, sometimes I'll put the Buxom mascara on with it and it just gives the absolute perfect lash!
11) Most worn eyeshadow? MAC "all that glitters"
This was my very first eyeshadow from MAC and I think I've purchased this about 4 times, which is saying a lot because I rarely finish a eyeshadow. This shade is a great all over the lid color if you're in a hurry and I think it just looks great on so many skin tones.

So there was the tag! I would love to read some more of these so let me know if any of you do a post on this! Hope everyone is having a great week! 


Vacation Haul! Beauty Edition

Happy Monday Everyone!
 ...I say this as I'm yawning and wishing I didn't have to be at work for the next 8 hours... but still wishing all of you lovely people a happy Monday!!
I recently got home from a short vacation to New York because my boyfriend Pat had his hockey training camp and I thought I would tag along and do some shopping! There are a bunch of beauty products, mainly drugstore that I have been wanting to try for a while now but we don't have them in Canada. So here's what I picked up from Target & Sephora! Ps... sorry the pictures aren't the best! I could not get the lighting right for the life of me! 
I was in the market for a new top coat but one that was also fast drying because I am the most impatient person you will ever meet and I've heard awesome things about this Sally Hanson Insta Dry one. I also picked up two Essie polishes because they were about $1 cheaper than in Canada. The colors that I picked are Tart Deco and Cascade Cool.
I had to try the Yes to Cucumbers makeup wipes after hearing so much about them, not sure if they will live up to my favorite Simple wipes though! I also picked up some EOS shaving cream, I love their lip balms so I'm sure I'll love this too! I ran out of conditioner while I was there and I've been wanting to try out this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner after being recommended it so many times!
Up until last year I NEVER wore foundation, I didn't even own a single one. But Chanel's Vita Aqua totally switched me over! Lately I've been on a kick trying a bunch of new drugstore foundations. The two I picked up were Neutrogena Healthy Skin and Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Cream Makeup. So far I only tried each one twice but Neutrogena's is by far my favorite! I love this stuff so much and it gives your skin the most beautiful summer glow. I wish they sold it in Canada!
To say I was excited to try these is an understatement! It was so hard for me to pick which shades I wanted, so I went with a nude pink shade and a nice vibrant red shade. These Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains start off like a balm and even after the balm is worn off it still leaves a beautiful tint to your lips for hours! The shades I got are Honey and Romantic.
Romantic on top and Honey on the bottom
The last few products I picked up at Target were the ever so popular Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette, Maybelline's dark circle eraser(I ran out of mine and it's a lot cheaper in the states!), E.L.F Contouring palette, and Maybelline Falsies mascara.  
Here is what I got at Sephora... I was all out of my HD foundation and finishing powder so instead of buying them separately I got this starter kit that comes with a full size foundation,HD finishing powder, a good size bottle of HD primer and a really nice kabuki brush! I also picked up a Nars blush in "Orgasm", I've been eying this for a few years now but never got around to picking it up, I'm curious to see if it's worth all the hype. Finally I used my Sephora VIB points and got this great little kit from Make Up Forever.
Here is a look inside the Sephora insider bag...it came with their smokey lash mascara (which is starting to become my new favorite), a nude lip gloss, HD primer, Aqua eyes eyeliner in black(goes on so smoothly and creamy), and some of the HD finishing powder which I love and talk about all of the time!
So That's all I picked up beauty wise in the states and I'm so so excited to give all of the products a try. Have you guys ever tried any of these products? What did you think?


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Review: The Balm Nude'tude Palette

Happy Hump Day!
My mom recently picked up this lovely palette for me because our local drugstore had an amazing deal on all The Balm products! Buy one get one free, can't go wrong! I've never tried any of The Balm products so I was super excited to see what they were like!

You can do SO many looks with this palette, from a natural look using "Schitzo", "Sultry", and "Stand-offish" to a colourful summer look using "Snobby" and "Stubborn" and so many variations of a smokey eye. 
(from left to right) Sassy,Snobby,Stubborn and Stand-offish  
(from left to right) Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated and Schitzo
(from left to right) Sexy,Silly,Serious and Sleek
Overall I really do love this palette, the shadows are great quality and super pigmented. There are so many looks I love to do with this. My favourite shades are Stand-offish, Selfish, Schitzo and Sexy. I'm on vacation right now and this is the only palette I brought with me, which is a first because I always bring one of my Naked palettes!

Have you ever tried this palette or any of The Balm products? What did you think? Also I'm in the States right now so if you have any drugstore product recommendations let me know! 

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Product Rave: Buxom Lash Mascara!

Hi Everyone!

Ok, so I'm going to start off by saying that I very rarely buy a mascara that isn't drugstore, I just think there are so many good quality cheaper mascaras that it just isn't worth the money to buy a more expensive one. That being said, this is the only high end mascara that I have repurchased multiple times. So here's the breakdown...

What they say
This vitamin-enriched formula deepens, darkens, and thickens from root to tip. The curvy hourglass-shaped brush holds the ideal amount of mascara to ensure every lash is coated evenly with our silky, clump-free formula.

What I say
They definitely aren't lying when they say it darkens and thickens from the root to tip. I find the formula to be the perfect medium between a natural look and a very dramatic look. It coats your lashes so evenly and you never have to worry about it looking clumpy as well as giving your lashes a lot of volume. The brush reminds me a lot of the Covergirl Lash Blast mascara excepts this one is in more of a hourglass shape which I prefer because it gives more of a winged out look at the ends.
Another added bonus is that it is formulated WITHOUT all of these:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates

Here is a picture of just mascara on my eyes (did not use a eyelash curler)

If you're interested in the Buxom Lash mascara you can purchase it here for $19US
Have you guys tried this mascara before? What did you think? Or do you have another mascara that you think is worth spending the extra money on?