Review: Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you guys a product that used to be a well loved and used product a few years ago but after I finished my last bottle I never purchased it again. Over the past few weeks I've fell in love with it all over again, its call the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer and the shade I have it in is fair/medium.
This is the perfect product for the people out there who don't want to bother with the whole self tanning process but still want to beat the winter blues and add a some colour. 
What Jergens says:
"Foaming daily moisturizer. Gradually creates natural-looking colour"
"Dries in seconds & glides on evenly for streak-free colour"

I really do agree with what they say. The colour is very natural and gradually darkens after each use. You can put this product on very quickly and not worry about it looking streaky, which is great!
I've used both the lotion formula and the foam, I think I prefer the foam. Although the foam isn't the greatest moisturizer, it goes on very light and takes less time to absorb into your skin.

The scent is not the greatest but it definitely doesn't have as strong of a smell like most sunless tanners do and it doesn't linger as long as most tanners.

A few quick tips....
- Avoid putting this on your hands, I found that it started to fade really blotchy on mine.
-Use it every day until you get your desired colour ( for me it was about 3 days) after that just use it every other day or when needed.
-Make sure to rub in well around your knees, elbows and feet
- Wash your hands after every use

Overall I really do enjoy this product, it's been great over the past few weeks because I've been so busy and haven't really had time to bother with self tanner

Have you guys ever tried this product or one like it? What did you think?


25 Random Facts About Me!

Hi Everyone!

So I've been seeing this TAG going around, it's called the "25 random facts about me", I've been obsessed with reading them! I always like to know about the person behind the blogs I love to read. Since I never really do any personal posts, I thought this would be a great one to do! I hope you get to know me a little bit better after reading this!
  1. I'm currently enrolled in the Event Management graduate program and I'm loving it! I graduate this April.
  2. Every year since I was little, my family and I would travel to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I haven't been in a few years but I can not wait to go back.
  3. I am a huge worry wart, I wish I wasn't but I can't help it
  4. My boyfriend's name is Pat and we have been together for 2 year, he's the sweetest!
5. My dream job is to work for a NHL team and plan their events. I'm working towards that right now *fingers crossed* 
6. I absolutely hate horror movies, I turn into a huge baby when I have to watch one
7. I have 3 siblings, sister named Samantha, Step-sister named Brittney, and Step-brother named Josh 
8. My boyfriend and I plan on moving to Australia for one year next January 
9. I love my sleep, Pat calls me a Koala bear because of it 
10.I'm a huge Vancouver Canucks Fan 
11. I love chips and salsa, I could eat it for breakfast,lunch and dinner 
12. When I was little I chipped the bottoms of all my front teeth while skipping with my sister 
13. I could spend hours watch reality TV, it's my guilty pleasure  
14. Blink-182 is my all-time favorite band  
15. I've been snowboarding since I was 12 and love it but haven't been in a few years and now I'm scared I'll forget how 
16. The most beautiful place I've ever been was Waikiki beach in Hawaii
17. As boring as it sounds I love water, I'll go through days where that's the only thing I'll drink... lemonade is a close runner up though 
18. I've been watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs since 2009 but just last year I finally started my blog. Once I am done school in April I'm going to start making videos and I am so excited 
19. I was blonde hair blue eyed when I was younger, it's slowly changed and now I have brown hair and green eyes  

20. I've just started a boot camp and I'm dedicated to start eating better, exercising more and feeling better about myself! 
21. I've lived in the same city my whole life and can't wait to experience living somewhere else in the coming year 
22. I love theme parks, Disney World being my most favorite. I could ride the tower of terror all day 
23.  I wish I was more into the whole twitter thing but I just never know what to tweet! 
24. I have had a huge crush on Ryan Gosling ever since he was on Breaker High (high fives to anyone who remembers that show) 
25. and last but not least, a pretty simple fact but I don't think very many of you guys know...I am 22 years old, 23 in June! 
If you do the same post tweet me the link because I'd love to read it!!

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