Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

Hi Everyone!
When I was in the states a few weeks ago for Pat's hockey scout camp, I picked up this foundation from Neutrogena after reading so many positive reviews on it. Now after trying it I see what all the hype is about. This foundation is great especially for the summer with a SPF 20 and the beautiful glow it gives to your skin. Once I put this onto my skin I instantly noticed it light up and look more awake and healthy just like it says. It goes on very light and soaks into the skin so you barely even know it's there. At the same time it gives wonderful coverage. This product also blends so well and easy into the skin, It's really becoming one of my favourites. My shade is in the colour Nude 40

My skin isn't overly oily but after about 5 hours of having my foundation on in the summer, my skin does become oily and I'll always have to apply a powder of some sort. With the healthy skin foundation and a little bit of setting powder I found it to not get as oily as it usually would. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that the staying power isn't as good as some others but because I'm so in love with this foundation and the way it looks on my skin, all of the pros totally knock out this one little con. 
Pros: SPF 20, beautiful glow,very moisturizing,blends very well,great coverage
Cons: Starts wearing off after 4-5 hours,not good for someone with oily skin, bottle is annoying to get product out of.

Would I recommend this? yes! 
Would I repurchase this again? 100% yes, If only I could find it in Canada!

So what do you think? Would you try this foundation? If you have already tried it, what did you think?


  1. I just tried this product out for the first time this morning and it was a disaster! I wasn't paying attention when i was poring it on the back of my hand. This foundation is way runnier than I expected so I have foundation all over my hand/arm and it was dripping on the floor. haha. But great post! I agree that is only wears for 4-5 hours! (:

    1. Oh no! it would make the product 100x better if they just put a pump on it!

  2. That looks really good and seems like it would be good for problem skin. I'm unsure if we can get it in the UK but I'm going to have a look!

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  3. I am so tempted to try it out now! I already have a long line of foundations on the waiting list though lol! But I did manage to pick up the Revlon Colorstay Whipped for only $3.99 at Rite Aid :)

    1. Ah such a good deal!! I have that foundation and it's becoming my all time favorite. It makes your skin look amazing and lasts so long!!

  4. great review! but i have oily skin :(

    i found you on BBU Beauty Blog Hop
    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. This one is also on my list of drugstore foundations to try. Thanks for the review, I will deff try it out now.


  6. I would love to try this foundation! I'm always looking for medium to full coverage.
    And it's okay, cause I usually don't wear my foundation for more than 5 hours, I heard it's not good for your skin D:
    But yeah, want to try it! :) xx

  7. Might try it!! Found you through the BBU Hop, now following you :)

    Love Lilla x


  8. Just found you through the blog therapy blog hop xx Its fab isnt it for finding lovely new blogs to read xx Would you like to follow each other ? xxhttp://lipstick-fridays.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. That foundation looks great. Unfortunately it is only avaialable in the US... booo... lol

    Found your blog through the bloglovetherapy blog of course I will follow your blog. :-)

    xox Ellen from http://ellenyu.blogspot.com

  10. I've been dying to try it but I can't find it in France :( ! xx

  11. hi there! newest follower to your awesome blog! i have been meaning to try this stuff! so glad you love it! cant wait to read more from ya and would love if you followed back!

  12. I've heard really good things about this product too, I think I'll have to give it a try once I'm out of my current liquid foundation.


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