Review: Urban Decay After Glow Cream Blushes

Hi Everyone!

I recently picked up these blushes on Hautelook (see Haul here), they were such a good deal I couldn’t pass them up($6 each!). I had never heard about the After Glow blushes but I’m pretty sure they are an older product that Urban Decay doesn’t make anymore, which is a shame because I really love them!
The shades I got are “Quickie” and “Crush”
Quickie is a typical “Barbie pink” and Crush is more a bright fuchsia.

What they say about it:
“This cheek tint can be applied on top of foundation or bare skin without that powdery, cakey effect that can result from use of powder blush. The formula is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamins E, C, and A, so your skin gets nourishment and protection along with a dose of healthy-looking color.”

What I think about these blushes:
·         Insanely pigmented- Possibly one of the most pigmented products I have ever used. When I first tried this I used my fingers and it applied WAY to much product so the next time I tried the blush I used my Sigma F50 brush and barely had to tap it into the product and it applied so amazing.
·         Easy to blend
·         Very long-lasting
·         Gives you such a healthy glow look
·         Even though it is not meant for the lips it still acts as such a nice and long wearing lip stain
·         Doesn’t leave a sticky residue like most cream blushes
·         Very lightweight

Overall: This is an amazing product and I’m really wishing I picked up some more, hopefully they will come back on Hautelook soon. Like I said I would really recommend applying this with a stippling brush and a very light hand, it will go on flawlessly. As for the added vitamins that are supposed to help your skin, I haven’t noticed any changed yet but make after using it for a bit longer I will.

Have you ever tried these blushes? What did you think?

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