The perfect summer blush!

Benefit's Coralista

I've been so in love with the blush this summer. I've had it for at least a year but for some reason I never really used it! 

What I love about this blush
- Smells amazing! 
- The packaging is so cute and it comes with a decent amount of product, I've used it almost every day for the past two months and I'm not even close to hitting pan.
- It's the most beautiful coral-pink shade with just enough shimmer to give you a nice glow.
- This isn't one of those blushes that you need to be super careful when applying it. There's no need to worry about it looking streaky or putting to much on.
- This colour would look great on so many skin tones

If you haven't tried this yet and you're in the market for a nice summer blush then I would definitely recommend this! For those of you who have tried it, what do you think?



  1. i have a bella bamba blush but i agree with you that benefit blushes smell amazing! i wonder if they all smell the same :)


    1. Oh I really want to try that one too, I've heard good things! xx

  2. I love their packaging too :) I'm currently using their sugarbomb, love it! xx


  3. Haven't tried this yet but my mum has the Hula bronzer (I think thats what it's called) and she loves it so maybe I'll invest in one of these, it's a gorgeous colour.


    1. My mom has the Hula bronzer as well, and loves it! Might have to give it a shot! xx

  4. I have their box blush in Bella Bamba, which is a gorgeous hot pink - can be very subtle as well. Am thinking of buying coralista as I'm kinda into peachy tones haha :D x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  5. i love this blush too~ i've been using it for a longgg time, but still have a lot of product left! but never really actually smelled the product haha~ maybe i'll smell it the next time i put it on! haha~ great post! hope u can check out my blog too if u have time :D

    xoxo <3

    1. You definitely get your moneys worth! I'll check out your blog! xx

  6. nice blog!! i want this blush!!



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