Emmy Awards 2012: Best & Worst Dressed

Another Monday, and I have a case of the serious Monday blues. All I want to do is curl up in my bed and avoid this cold weather all day!
So last night the Emmy's were on, I can never really get into award shows like this but I always love watching the red carpet before to see who's wearing what. Here are my top 5 picks for best and worst dressed last night!
The best overall dress: Julianna Hough
The best colour of dress: Heidi Klum
The best figure flattering dress: Hayden Panettiere, I thought this dress looked so amazing on her petite frame
The best daring dress: January Jones

The Worst
The "I just made my grandmothers curtain into a dress" dress: Julianna Margulies
The worst fitting dress:Actress Connie Britton just looks frumpy in this gown and it doesn't do anything for her body
The "what was she thinking" dress: Julianne Moore looks so awkward in the dress, I love the colour but there is something about the top half that just doesn't look right
The "all wrong for her" dress:Kristen Wiig could of done so much more with her gorgeous figure but instead she just looks like she through this on at the last minute and ran out the door.
This dress looks like a mix between a old night gown and a witch Halloween costume: Actress Martha Plimpton

What were some of your best and worst dressed?


  1. Love your blog!!
    Nice post, its a really good idea!
    I love the first dress ♥♥


  2. Totally agree with you on Hayden, I love her and she looked fantastic!

  3. I agree about Julianne Moore, the fit was all wrong!

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  4. wow, we had a lot of the same favorites! i recently did a similar post if you wanna check it out!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  5. I think both Julianne and Heidi looked stunning!

  6. great post, ive just put up a similar emmy post, do check it out if you have time and let me know what you think :-)


    btw I found your blog on bloghop

  7. Following you from the hop! Thanks for hosting! Would love a follow back ;)


  8. wow, definitely agreed! that first gown is truly gorgeous :3 i don't mind kirsten wiig's dress however, it's cute... but probably not quite right for such a formal event :P


  9. thanks for posting! love that first dress!

  10. I agree with you on all of your picks! I really loved Hayden's dress.

  11. I love Julianne's dress!


  12. What a great round up, I agree with Julianne Moore, it just doesn't look quite right

  13. my overall faveorite dress is Heidi Klum's with Hayden Panettiere not far behind. BTW I really like your blog and I am now following :)
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  14. I found you on BlogLoveTherapy blog hop, I'm now following you maybe we could follow each other.


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  16. I love the list you choose... I defiantly agree with who goes in the best dressed and the worst


  17. I actually think some of your 'worst dressed' don't look that bad! Though the first dress is just amazing. Mermaid silhouette is always gorgeous if you've the figure for it, and the way it waterfalls down is beautiful.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x


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