Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Hey Everyone!

So lately my hair has been the most damaged it has ever been. Right after dying it from blonde to dark brown it just looked so fried, the fact that I apply so much heat to it probably doesn't help! So I went on a serious hunt for a really good deep conditioner I tried ones from brands like aussie, joico, and matrix. This one from Macadamia seemed to be the one that I noticed the biggest difference from.


It has a very think consistency and it feels like butter when you rub it into your hair. They recommend you leave it on for 7 minutes and then rinse and repeat this 2-3 time a week (I use it twice a week). After blow drying my hair it felt so soft and healthy, it was crazy. My split ends weren't as noticeable and it left such a nice shine without weighing down my hair.

On top of all that it smells amazing and comes a fairly big size tub that will last you a good few months. If you're interested in another great Macadamia product here is a review on their healing hair oil which I love!

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  1. Hi Dear! This is such a helpful post because I have a friend and her is really damaged. She asked me what process or products that will make her hair go back to it's normal status. LOL Im gonna tell her about this!


  2. ooh i wanted to try this after hearing a rave about it on youtube, it may have to be bought now lol :D

  3. oh boy, this product seems amazing! you're making want me to order this aahh


  4. This is my absolute favourite hair mask of them all!

  5. This stuff looks really nice!


  6. I really want to get this!
    Would you recommend this or the oil?


  7. I really need to get my hands on this, sounds great! I shall keep an eye out for it at winners, where I actually saw a Macadamia set but sadly left it behind. I find my hair just frizzes up and is kinda damaged at the ends..I WANT:)

  8. this looks very interesting. after a few months my hair tends to get dry, so i'll look this up for sure. thank you for the review!

    phiphi's blog

  9. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I have been debating weather or not to get this for the longest time. I guess I will have to try it out now :)

  10. great post! i have been wondering about this stuff!!

  11. Hi Tawny!

    Thanks for the review, the product looks awesome and its macadamia! It must smell amazing!

    Really enjoying your blog!

    ~ Tasha

  12. This sounds great for my really long, often dry hair! I'll definitely have to search for it, hopefully it's available here in Australia. It's so funny how everyone seems to talk about the brand Aussie overseas, but I've never even heard of the brand which I'm assuming comes from here!

    Really glad the blog hop resulted in me stumbling across your blog, have a good read now! Look forward to reading lots more!

    xx Kate
    yakateyyak.blogspot.com.au :)

  13. I have always wanted to try this product! I've heard such good things :) Thanks for sharing!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  14. I use the oil from this brand & it's really good. I love the scent & my hair feels amazing afterwards xx



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