My Mascara Routine!

Hi Everyone!
First I want to say a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! (I'm jealous of all of the yummy foods you will be eating!)
I've been experimenting with a bunch of mascaras over the past month and I wanted to share with you guys my current favourite mascara routine. I'm a huge fan of thick and full lashes so if you're a fan as well then I would definitely recommend these products!
The products I use are Cover Girl Lash Blast, L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, and a Tarte eyelash curler

My lashes aren't very short but they also are not very long and full so when applying mascara those are the two main things I try and achieve. 
First Step:
I take my favourite eyelash curler from Tarte and Curl my lashes
Second Step:
Next up I take the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara and coat my lashes, winging out the outer corner. I use this mascara to separate, define and add some length to my lashes
Third Step:
Immediately after I take my L'Oreal Voluminous mascara and coat and wing out my lashes. I find this mascara is great for adding volume right at the root, as well as adding length.
Last Step:
Right after I'll grab my Cover Girl mascara and quickly go back over and make sure that there are no clumps and that the lashes are separated.

So that's it! That is my current mascara routine! I've been really loving this combo lately and I love how thick the roots look and how it almost makes it look like you have eyeliner on.


  1. Your lashes look fantastic! It looks incredibly full and natural!

  2. Your lashes look amazing! I've heard good things about the tarte lash curler. Now after seeing your blog I want to try it even more xo

  3. Ive always wanted to try the covergirl one but we dont have it here!
    Btw Im extremely jealous of your eyebrows.


  4. This is so helpful! Wish they had covergirl in the UK! Happy Thanksgiving :)



  5. awesome!! i use 2 different mascaras too, I think it really helps!

  6. ooh your lashes look so pretty! I will definitely have to try both of the mascaras together!

    Southern Glamourista

  7. Hello hun, nice blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know what you think.

  8. Oh, I never thought to use two different mascaras. Your lashes are gorgeous, girl!
    xo TJ


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